About Aquatic Buddy

About Aquatic Buddy

Aquatic Buddy is your source for reliable information on betta fish and other freshwater aquatic species. Created by Richard Parker, Aquatic Buddy’s mission is to help aquarists from all over the world create tank environments that are enriching and enjoyable for their fish. We are passionate about animals, big and small, which is why we put so much care into each piece we publish.

We want to make sure that you know everything you need to take good care of your first—or next—aquatic buddy.

If you ever want to reach out, you can send us an email to [email protected].

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Richard Parker

Richard is an avid aquarist and has been keeping betta fish and other freshwater fish since he was a young boy. Through Aquatic Buddy, he hopes to help others learn how to care for their betta fish so they thrive in their home environments.