Alien Betta Fish: A Guide to An Exotic Type of Betta

Are you looking for something out of this world?

Look no further than the amazing and unique alien betta fish! These species of fish are truly captivating—their unique features will make you feel like you’re looking at something from a distant planet. From bright colors to eye-catching patterns, these fish will be sure to stand out in any aquarium.

Get ready to take a deep dive into the world of alien betta fish and learn about their fascinating characteristics.

Alien Betta A Quick Overview

Alien Betta Fish
Scientific nameBetta Splendens Complex
ColorsOrange, yellow, purple, and green alien betta fish with brown and black stripes
Size2 to 3 inches
Care levelModerate
OriginBred mixing two different Betta fish species: wild betta fish and domesticated betta splendens
Lifespan2-5 years
Minimum tank sizeFive gallons

Alien Betta Fish: Identification & Temperament

A small blue fish on a black background.

The alien betta fish is one of the rarest types of betta fish. It is a tropical fish with an attractive body and is found in multiple other colors, such as green, orange, purple, and yellow. The fish has brown and black shimmery stripes on the body, giving an iridescent effect.

The Alien Betta also has bright fins and tails, making it look even more attractive. Like other betta fish, the alien betta is also a small fish that grows only up to three inches.

Female alien bettas are slightly smaller than the males and have rounder bodies, but the males have more elongated bodies. Alien betta fish are very aggressive, which is no surprise. Most Betta fish have an aggressive nature, and, except for a few select tank mates, bettas prefer to be alone.

A small blue fish on a black background.

However, if you want to keep it in a community aquarium, use tank dividers or keep it with small fish.

Alien Betta Fish: Habitat, Tank Requirements, Water Parameters, Food Habit, And More

If you want your pet fish to have a longer and healthier life, you must take care of all its needs. Betta fish are quite particular about their living requirements.

They are not a high-maintenance fish species, but they can’t adjust to just any environment.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your alien betta fish healthy and happy:

Habitat & Tank Requirements

Bettas are originally from the slow-moving waters of Southeast Asia. They are used to living in dark, murky waters with lots of habitation.

Therefore, you must also try to recreate the same environment in the aquarium for your alien betta. Use lots of live plants and aquarium substrates in the tank since bettas love interacting with the tank decorations.

Also, avoid keeping substrates with sharp edges and plastic plants. These may prove fatal for the alien betta.

Betta’s fins are quite delicate, and they have the habit of resting on aquarium objects. Wounded fins may lead to fin rot and other infections: hence, it’s best to use natural plants and soft d├ęcor pieces.

Also, bettas can’t live in small tanks. Small tanks make them stressed, so if you want your pet fish to live happily, go for at least a five-gallon tank.

If you’re keeping it in a shared aquarium, the tank size should even be bigger.

Water Parameters

The next essential factor to consider is the water parameters. Bettas are again very particular about the water conditions of the tank.

They originally lived in warm water temperatures. Hence, the ideal water temperature should be between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Waters colder than 75 degrees will stress out the fish and can make them susceptible to different diseases common to betta fish.

Furthermore, bettas don’t like strong water currents. They are from the stagnant waters of Southeast Asia.

So avoid keeping strong water filters. Go for a mild water filter that makes it easier for the fish to swim around.

You also have to be very particular about water hardness. alien bettas can’t tolerate hard water. Hence, the water hardness should be between 5 to 20, and the pH level should be between 6.8 and 7.5.

Tank water exceeding these limits is harmful to the fish. It will lead to skin problems and other diseases. Aim to clean the water from your tank weekly and do big tank cleans every six to eight months to avoid ammonia and toxin build-up.


Alien betta fish need the same diet as other betta fish. They are carnivorous and also known as micro predators.

Bettas love feeding on invertebrates or small insects. Their favorite diet is insect larvae, frozen foods like bloodworms, and other small insects like brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, tubifex, etc.

You can also give fish flakes or fish pallets to your pet fish. While feeding flakes or pellets, make sure they are of high quality to keep your fish in the best health.

Be mindful of the food quantity as well. These wild bettas are tiny invertebrates; hence they don’t need a lot of food.

You can feed your alien betta one large portion once a day or two small portions twice a day. Overeating will cause constipation and other illness; hence, limiting the food quantity is a must.

Tank Mates

Unlike most freshwater community fish, bettas prefer living alone, and the alien betta is no exception. Male alien betta fish cannot live together in the same tank. The only way you can keep two males together is with a tank dividers in an appropriately-sized tank. However, female alien betta fish can live in a shared 10-gallon tank with other female betta fish.

And although alien betta fish prefer to be alone, there are a few tank mates they will tolerate:

  • Corydoras
  • Dwarf Gouramis
  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Small Barbs
  • Larger Shrimp
  • Tetras
  • Snails
  • Smaller Plecostomus
  • Danios

As a rule of thumb, avoid keeping male bettas, fin-nipping fishes, and other large fish species with the betta to avoid unpleasant scenes in the aquarium. Moreover, if you’re keeping the alien betta fish in a community aquarium, don’t use a small tank. Smaller tanks make the fish feel stressed, leading to aggressive behavior.

Can You Breed Alien Betta Fish?

A small blue fish on a black background.

Yes, you can breed alien betta fish in your home aquarium. But these bettas come in multiple shades; hence breeding alien bettas in a particular color is tricky.

To get a specific color of alien betta fish, you have to get the male and female betta fish in the same shade.

Breeding between a betta splendens and a wild betta fish is the best combination to get alien bettas. However, it might take multiple trials to breed alien bettas as they are not a natural species.

While breeding, you must ensure that both the male and female betta fish are ready to mate. Male bettas give signs of breeding by building bubble nests in the aquarium.

A betta fish making a bubble nest in a tank.

When you see the male betta nests, it’s time to add the female to the tank. But make sure that the female is also ready for the breeding process.

If not, the male betta will chase the female partner, attack it, and ultimately kill the female fish.

The mating takes place under the bubble nest. Once the female fish lays eggs, the male transfers them to the bubble nest and guards it.

You must remove the female betta fish immediately after laying eggs; otherwise, the male fish will attack her.

Once the eggs hatch, transfer the betta fry to a separate tank because the parent fish tends to eat its own fry.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of Alien betta fish is quite the same as other species of bettas. They are not a high-maintenance fish, but you must ensure the water parameters are stable, aquarium decorations resemble the natural habitat of the fish, and you provide the fish with good quality food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alien Bettas And Hellboy Bettas The Same?Are Alien Bettas And Hellboy Bettas The Same?Are There Different Types Of Alien Bettas?

There aren’t different types of alien betta but there are different colors, including green, copper, and blue.

How Much Does The Alien Betta Cost?

Alien betta fish cost upwards of $50 per fish and the price may vary based on location and pet stores. Alien bettas are expensive compared to other species because they are a rare find and not natural betta species.

Are Alien Bettas And Hellboy Bettas The Same?

No, alien bettas and Hellboy bettas are not the same. Hellboy betta fish are also a hybrid betta, but they’re different from the alien betta. Hellboy bettas are a type of plakat betta whereas alien betta are a type of splendens.

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